Central Coast Kink wishes the kink community a wonderful 2018!

Thank you to the fantastic central coast community (and our traveling friends) for making the past year a really wonderful one!  

We held 2 fantastic kinky campouts, with more education, discussion groups, and more new participants than ever before.

We supported our very own California State Bootblack 2017.  

We had 4 monthly munches and sloshes for people to meet, learn, talk, and share their experiences with friends, new and old.

We are looking forward to a really fantastic 2018!  Can’t wait to kink with you all!  Thank you for all that you give, and do.  We ❤ this community.


Central Coast Kink offers resources related to the Thomas Fire and wishes everyone a safe and peaceful holiday season.

The members of the board of Central Coast Kink has all Central Coast kinksters and their families in our thoughts during this holiday season, when so many people and animals are displaced and on edge during the Thomas Fire.

Resources Related to the Thomas Fire

The Thomas Fire in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties has had a major impact on our community. Here are some community resources to assist with this difficult time:

Emergency Information

Fire News/Updates

Air Quality

Due to continued unhealthy air conditions resulting from the Thomas Fire, free N-95 masks will be distributed as part of a coordinated effort of the Santa Barbara Medical Reserve Corps, City of Carpinteria CERT, City of Lompoc CERT, Santa Barbara County Public Health Department, CAL OES, and Direct Relief.  The sites that will distribute masks are listed here.


  • Go to 211santabarbaracounty.org (Santa Barbara County), or www.211ventura.org (Ventura County) or dial 211on your phone for community resources.
  • Thomas Fire emergency shelter in Santa Barbara area: UCSB Multi Activity Center, 516 Ocean Rd, Santa Barbara, 93106. Evacuees should enter UCSB through the main east entrance, park in parking lot 16. Staff will guide you to the Center.

Food Distribution

The following locations will be distributing food from Monday Dec 18 to Friday Dec 22 to anyone who asks for assistance. There is no paperwork involved. More Details

  • Foodbank warehouse, from 1 pm to 3 pm at 4554 Hollister Ave., 93110 Foodbank offices, from 12 pm to 2 pm at 1525 State St., 93101
  • Franklin Neighborhood Center, from 12:30 pm to 2 pm at 1136 E. Montecito St., 93103
  • Westside Boys & Girls Club, from 12 pm to 2 pm at 602 W. Anapamu St., 93101
  • Saint Joseph Church, from 12 pm to 2 pm at 1500 Linden Ave, Carpinteria, 93013
  • THURS DEC 21 ONLY: Isla Vista Youth Projects from 3:30 to 5:30 pm at 970 Embarcadero del Mar, 93117
  • THURS DEC 21 ONLY: Catholic Charities beginning at 3 pm at St. Mark’s Parish, 6550 Picasso Rd, 93117

Donating to Thomas Fire victims and relief efforts

  • Direct Relief International–based in SB
  • For Red Cross Ventura donations, visit their website, call 1-800 RED CROSS, or text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.
  • For United Way donations, text UWVC to 41444 and 100% of the donations will go directly to those affected by the fires.

Kinky Hollow Late Registration continues until September 22nd ~ Village Registration open until September 17th.

Registration continues for Kinky Hollow!  Click here to register.

Late Registration – August 16th to September 22nd

With at least 2 to 4 volunteer hours:
Regular Admission – $125
RV – $150
VIP – $200

With no volunteer hours:
Regular Admission – $200
RV – $225

Joining a Village is a great way to participate in the campout! The deadline to join a village is September 17th.

  • Please look over the list of open villages, and contact the village organizer (linked below) to request to be added to their village.
  • Please note that open villages still may have requirements for you to join their village, and may accept or deny any requests to join their village at their own will.
  • In order to join a village, the village organizer must confirm you & will be required to add you to their village registration.

Below are the open villages for Kinky Hollow:

Ropeville! (Ventura Kink HUB)

Village organizer: MadMan

We are rope fiends. We are kinky AF. We are Ropeville by Ventura Kink Hub. All who love rope are welcomed. No assholes allowed. We already met our quota.
Our village offers Friendship, camaraderie, laughter, and maybe some booze, here and there. Oh, and rope! Stop by and get tied up!

Peter’s Village

Village organizer: Nerdy Prinncess

There is NO laughing in the Dungeon!! Just kidding we laugh a lot here in this village. We will have plenty of vegan and gluten free fare in out village so come share a meal with us sometime.


Registration for Kinky Hollow 2017 is open

Kinky Hollow Ad

Central Coast Kink and Retrofrolic are proud to present Kinky Hollow. Kinky Hollow will include three nights of kink, mayhem, and debauchery. Kinky Hollow will be held at a group campground near Santa Barbara. Retrofrolic will be providing an enclosed play space (more than 3,000 sq. feet) with at least 12 stations. This space will be sheltered from the elements. Kinky Hollow will feature three play parties, education, an exploratorium, and so much more!


Read more about it on our  Kinky Camping Page or on FetLife.

Seeking donations for Silent Auction to benefit Santa Barbara County Domestic Violence Solutions

Central Coast Kink is honored to name Santa Barbara County Domestic Violence Solutions as the recipient of the proceeds generated from the upcoming Silent Auction at our 4th Annual Spring Fever Camping Extravaganza! (March 31st to April 3rd).

To make this event as exciting and successful as possible, we will need your help! Please consider supporting our event by donating products or services to our Silent Auction.

  • Do you have new or gently used toys that you no longer want/use? Give them to us to help raise funds for our cause! (Please be sure they are properly cleaned!)
  • Are you able to secure gift certificates for a business you are connected to, or have unused gift cards that you are willing to donate?
  • Do you have access to goods (jewelry, art, wearables, etc.) that others might be interested in? Let us know! We’d love to help secure some!
  • Do you provide a service that you are willing to offer a certificate for?
  • Do you have connections with an organization that might be able to help us access quality products or services that others might be willing to bid on?

Help us help our community by making a donation to the Spring Fever 2017 Silent Auction, to benefit Santa Barbara County Domestic Violence Solutions!

In exchange for your donation, in addition to the good karma you will undoubtedly create, we will list you as donor in our Digital Auction Listing, posted prior to the event, as well as in our printed auction material. We can also make your business cards available to our attendees, if you provide them for us by March 10th.

We will gladly pick up your donation if you are located near the California Central Coast, you can mail us the donation prior to the event, or you can bring it to Spring Fever.

Please fill out this AUCTION ITEM FORM no later than Friday, March 10th if you are donating to our auction. (We will accept donations after this date, but preparing the Digital Auction Listing and auction materials takes time, so please try and get the info to us before the deadline…thank you!)  If you are donating multiple items, please fill out ONE FORM PER ITEM DONATED.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact CCK via PM on FetLife or by emailing centralcoastkink@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for considering our request and for supporting Domestic Violence Solutions of Santa Barbara County.

The Value of a Woman at Your Event

Originally published by CruelTease at Fetlife in December 2016:

I didn’t understand the fuss over gendered pricing when I first joined the community. I was familiar with events at bars and clubs throughout mainstream society that offered admission (or drinks) for free or at reduced cost to women to encourage female attendance. I once rationalized that since women are generally earning less than men that gendered pricing structures may help mitigate this inequity. Much of the complaining I saw came from men’s rights activists, and while I agree that sexist practices create a terrible mindset for all genders, I have a hard time believing men are getting the rawest end of these types of deals, so I easily discounted their voices.

Since growing more familiar with the diverse needs of the community I’ve become much more sensitive to consent culture and how it ideally differs from the mainstream world we exist in. I’m trying hard not to use inflammatory language that only preaches to the choir here, but it’s difficult because once you observe the world from a consent angle, it’s impossible to remain blind to how normalized some problematic practices have become, such that they persist even within a supposedly consent conscious community. I believe it’s why so many folk shove their heads in the sand (“why can’t the social justice warriors lighten up?”)and why others get so angry (“why can’t event organizers be more enlightened?”) when everyone wants to be accepted and have fun.

Since coming out as bi and encountering prejudices from people I thought would be allies, I’ve also become sensitive to the issues of other marginalized groups. Any time you start using gender as a qualifier for admission to an event, you risk insensitivity to people whose gender/sexual orientation/relationship model doesn’t neatly fit into a heteronormative couple box, such as trans, nonbinary, bi, queer, gay, lesbian, and poly folk. I’ve seen this with many types events–some where I’d expect it: MHDL and sex (swinger) parties, and some that surprised me: women or ladies only events, FemDom events, and even sex positive events. I think it’s odd that people exploring a marginalized alternative lifestyle based on sex positivity and consent would adhere to mainstream marginalization tactics to qualify their event attendees. People in marginalized groups are already used to being misunderstood and excluded from the mainstream so gendered language and price discrimination sends a pretty unwelcoming and intolerant message within the kink and sex positive communities. This essay sums up this idea better than I’ve expressed here.

Much of my perspective comes from time spent as a bisexual cisgendered woman seeking adventurous fun while single. When I’ve attended gender priced events, what I’ve felt like was a piece of ass whose value was priced at the door. It surprised me that the vibe of these events felt like a shark tank with cisgendered women being served up like chum.

In my observation, a higher priced entry fee for men is merely a semi permeable penis barrier that increases the entitlement of those who pay to pass through. It does nothing to vet attendees based on character, behavior or reputation, which, to me, are far more important as far as ensuring the safety of all attendees. Instead, it reduces women to a commodity and men to a target market.

Some of the sex positive events I’ve attended avoided gendered pricing but attempted gender balance by only allowing couples and single women. As a single woman who was looking to make an adventurous connection, this limited my potential interactions to couples and other women. Nothing quite feels quite so objectifying as being in a room full of couples who are seeking a bisexual female and being one of a few single women.

If you really want to attract more women to your event, please consider treating people of all genders like human beings: fairly and decently. If you’re running public events to serve your community, consider looking to that community to see how best to do so, instead of looking to outside communities or the mainstream where consent practices and inclusivity seem sketchy at best. I believe there are ways to run an event that serves a diverse community without exploiting men and objectifying women or turning it into a sausage fest.

If you’re running events to serve your own interests, by all means do it however you like! I truly wish you tons of fun, but might I suggest you make them private events that won’t be subject to community scrutiny. Then you won’t get any passive aggressive complaining.

Registration for Spring Fever 2017 is open

Register now for this event’s best pricing!

Central Coast Kink and Retrofrolic are proud to present Spring Fever. Spring Fever will include three nights of kink, mayhem, and debauchery. Spring Fever will be held at a group campground near Santa Barbara. Retrofrolic will be providing an enclosed play space (more than 3,000 sq. feet) with at least 12 stations. This space will be sheltered from the elements. Spring Fever will feature three play parties, education, an exploratorium, and so much more!

The theme for Spring Fever this year will be fairy tales. Get inspired by classic fairy tales which took place “[i]n olden times, when wishing still helped….” The Frog King | The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm”


Read more about it on our  Kinky Camping Page or on FetLife.

Education at Kinky Hollow – Event Registration ends October 7th! Sign up now!

Class Descriptions for Kinky Hollow

Check out all the fantastic educational opportunities and incredible educators!



Age Play for Bigs and Littles…Who’s who and what role do you play?

with LunaBear and Krystal

What does age play look like for you? What do you think of when you think of age play? Let’s talk about these and other topics related to age play, and what that can look like for different people.

Come learn the basics for a foundation in age play. Do you have an inner child or a desire to be a caregiver to someone? We all come with unique perspectives on a wide range of age play dynamics, experiences, and interests. Let’s cover basic vocabulary and the wide variety of dynamics you are likely to see. So bring your sippy cups, teddy bears, and questions, and join us for an enjoyable experience.

Allowing Growth in Kink Discussion

with NerdyPrincess

How can a spanking spark personal growth? How does the experience of submission or dominance change us in our day to day lives? This class will revolve around how self-reflection is key to allow our kinky lives spill over into growth in all areas outside of play and our dynamics. Do you journal, draw, or talk it out? Do you get physical and go for a run? There are many ways to process what comes up from play and the relationships with D/s dynamics. So let’s take some time and reflect on what works and why. Please come and join the discussion and share what works for you!

Bullets, BDSM and Bandaids: A Journey through PTSD

with Sean

In this discussion we will talk about the different types of PTSD, the difference between resolving it and living with it, as well as resources, and practices that pertain to using BDSM as an alternative form of therapy. We will dive into guided discussions on why BDSM is, and has been, a pressure relief valve for traumatic experiences over the centuries, as well as historical therapies, and more current unorthodox practices through anecdotal and researched perspectives.

Dancing with Whips

with GiaBelle

When whips are mentioned, the initial reaction—for most—is fear, intimidation and/or incredulity. Sure, whips can be used to slash another’s back, invoke dread, or be brutal beyond belief. But there’s another side to whips; one that wraps the receiver in a secure, calm and seductively euphoric embrace.

In this class, I’ll introduce participants to this other side of whips—the one less understood, yet so profound it will forever alter your perception of how whips can be used.

Come. Learn to dance with whips. Learn to tango with the receiver’s intellect, as well as their physical being.

Dirty Talk

with CruelTease

Learn to add some verbal spice to your play in the dungeon or in the bedroom. Many people feel inhibited about letting loose their dirty dialogue, lest it come off sounding ridiculous or offensive. We’ll discuss how to negotiate which words are turnons vs turn offs to both you and your partner(s), how inhabiting a role may free up your bawdy banter, and how to adapt your voice for erotic effect. Command issuing, begging, name calling, verbal humiliation techniques, fantasy exploration, filthy confessions, and even hypnotic vocal techniques and ASMR will be covered.

Dungeon Monitoring 101

with Demoivre

Introduction/refresher course on dungeon monitoring for Central Coast Kink. This class with focus on the role of the dungeon monitor, effective dungeon monitoring, and how to improve dungeon monitoring skills. No experience is required to attend.

Feeding your Sole: Basic Leather Care for the Average Leather Person

with Teagan

Is your leather feeling dry? Did it get dirty from that kinky camping trip? Want to get your leathers looking sharp for that event tonight? Feeling overwhelmed about where to start? Have no fear! This class will give you the skills and confidence to perform basic maintenance and care on your leathers. Together we will learn the foundations of leather care, the difference between oil tanned and high shine leather, and how to build a simple kit for taking care of your own leathers. We will also delve a little bit into the ‘whys’ of leather care.

Please bring some leather to tend to and any products you already own, the last part of the class will be hands on!

Gender & BDSM Discussion

with Angela

In this discussion we will explore themes of gender identity and gender expression through the lens of BDSM and kink. This discussion will be facilitated by Angela, a member of the local kink and queer communities. She identifies as non-binary, specifically transfeminine. Angela is active in transgender advocacy and education.

How to Fuck Shit Up Like a PRICK

with Lucy Wilde and MJ

What happens when we fuck up in the dungeon? Some mistakes are inevitable; how we handle them is not. This workshop is designed to develop participants’ ability to assess risk, think on their feet, and behave calmly and efficiently even when scenes go horribly wrong. We will roleplay various scenarios that could happen to anyone in public playspaces. What happens, for instance, when a bottom has medical issues, a top accidentally violates her bottom’s consent, or when a player gets unexpectedly triggered in scene?

This workshop will help participants become more risk aware and responsible players through the philosophy of PRICK, or Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink. It is not the mistakes themselves, but how we handle and learn from them, that ultimately distinguishes PRICK players from non-PRICKly ones.

Introverts and Extroverts- A Discussion

with MJ & Unger

Have you ever met someone who self-identifies as an Introverted-Extrovert? Have you ever seen the loud person in the dungeon and wondered how they know everyone? Have you ever seen that quiet person in the corner and wanted to help them feel more comfortable? This is the discussion for you! We will explore differing communication styles and how to accept while respecting others, and how to draw others into conversation- or express a need for no interaction- in a play space environment. This discussion will be open format, with 5 key questions to keep everyone on track, while developing ideas together.

Leather Lust

with Jesbian

Welcome to the world of Boot Worship; let’s skip to the basics! It’s hot, it’s flirty, it’s fun, and if you do it right, it can provide some of the most consuming moments for you and your partner. We will be going through a few things to consider when doing boot worship including safety precautions, boot anatomy, and some techniques to foster connection. Then the fun begins with two hot demos: one oil tan and one high shine. Questions and discussions are welcomed throughout the class!

Bringing your person and their boots is also encouraged to try the techniques out for yourself. There is no one true way for boot worship….except fun!

Pokes and Prods: Basics of Needle Play

with Azurell

Intrigued by needle play but don’t know where to start? Needle play can be intimidating, if you’re not familiar with it. We will start from the beginning – what you need and where to get them, preparing the environment (and the bottom) for the needle play scene, basic needle play techniques, and addressing safety concerns. We’ll go over the basics of placing and removing needles, and of course, we’ll talk about how you can integrate this kind of play into your style of play. Come join us!

Polyamory and Power Exchange Relationships

by Camalus and _sparkle_

How does Poly/Multiamory work when there is a power exchange relationship involved? Vetos? Votes? “I do what I want?” What are the responsibilities of the dominant partner and what are the responsibilities of the submissive partner? How do you share expectations and work through disagreements? Join us for a group discussion about navigating the sometimes rocky waters of polyamory in power exchange relationships.

Ponies, puppies, kitties…oh my! Animal Role Play

with LunaBear and Krystal

Have you ever heard the call of the wild animal within, or domesticated for that matter?! Do you dream of running the plains, or lying about and being petted, pampered and spoiled? Animal role play is fun, creative, challenging, and rewarding on many levels. Let’s discuss different types of role play, how you can achieve animal head space, accessories to get in the mood, and let’s face it it’s all about the accessories!

This class is for all experience levels and animals from mild to wild, or for those who love animals as I do. It is an interactive class so please come with any items, stories, or experiences you might want to share and I will try to give you insight and tips to get started.

Put a Spark in Your Play

with Lascivi0us

Violet Wands are diverse in how they are used, how they feel, and the endless options and technique applications. A brief history of electrical play over the past 150 years will lead to a hands-on demonstration involving all class participants. Safety issues, anecdotal tales of success and… not success will also be discussed. Also, important information will be shared on the most economical way to get the best equipment that suits Your needs! Electricity is an equal opportunity sensualizer! So come see what it can do for you!

Quicky Connections: Using mini-moments in day-to-day life to reconnect and add spice

with MsNikkiNefarious

Everyone says that bondage is boring and takes too long to do, but I want to show people that that’s not the case at all. Come learn how to tie an under-clothes bondage harness that can be worn all day at the office and can be tied in the time it takes to brew a pot of coffee in the morning. Add bondage to your daily chores and tasks to make things more interesting, such as a butt-plug and head-harness rig while vacuuming (predicament chore bondage with an added benefit of punishment or play afterwards).

Come learn a 5-minute dynamic bondage-for-sex rig that allows for at least 3 different Kama Sutra positions whether the bottom is male or female.

  • Attendees should plan to bring some rope. I prefer lengths of 15-20 ft, only a few will be needed for this class. I prefer nylon/poly rope but hemp will work too of course. Also, a yoga mat, blanket, or towel would be rad to have as one of the awesome rigs we were doing is a seated/floor tie.*

Rape Fantasy Roleplay

with Tim Woodman and Emily Prior

Alternative Sexuality Expert Emily and “Professional Villain” Tim Woodman bring you this dynamic, edgy presentation shining a light on that darkest of all fetishes, Rape Fantasy Roleplay. They will cover definitions of force and rape fantasy role play, pre-scene negotiation tips, safety issues (physical and psychological), “classic” scenarios, and how to “get into character.” There will also be demonstration scenarios involving both a female and male as “victim”.

We will be discussing and demonstrating forced sex fantasy scenarios in a frank and open manner. Participants who may find this topic upsetting should not attend.

Rope: Western Industrial Ties

with Giabelle

It’s all the craze right now! There’s a myriad of ways to tie. Depending on one’s purpose, some techniques are more appropriate than others.

In this class, I’ll cover basic as well as what I like to refer to as Western Industrial ties. The latter are loosely connected with traditional Japanese ties then modified to become a blend of artistic, restrictive, symmetrical and/or A-symmetrical ties, to ya know…just mess with the rope bottom’s mind.

Additionally, I’ll cover modifications to traditional Japanese ties that enable a wider spectrum of rope bottoms—who have real bodies with real past injuries—to experience the wonder of being tied.

Sex Positivity: A Discussion

with Emily Prior

We will discuss the eight dimensions of Positive Sexuality as outlined by Emily and her colleagues in “Introducing a Multidisciplinary Framework of Positive Sexuality”. (Feel free to read the article before the discussion.) We will discuss how to apply this to BDSM and other relationships. This framework is open to critique and I look forward to a lively discussion. Article Link

Presenter Bios for Kinky Hollow


Angela identifies as non-binary, specifically transfeminine. She is an active member of the local kink and queer communities. Angela is active in transgender advocacy and education.


Azurell has spent over 20 years (off and on) in the lifestyle as a submissive, gaining knowledge wherever she could scrounge it up. Much of her practice started on herself before she would consider doing it to anyone else. She has spent the last several years serving at Threshold, both on the Board and in chairperson capacities, and has taught various classes at Threshold the Lair de Sade, DomCon, and one-on-one training sessions in fireplay, wax play, toy construction, needle play/tension, rope bondage, scarification, cutting, and cell popping.


Camalus found BDSM after having acted on innate skills and impulses from his earliest years. He’d always held an affinity for playing the villain, from chasing girls on the playground to being the go to guy to tie people to trees or chairs during childhood cops & robbers or cowboys & indians playtime. Little did he know that his enjoyment of overpowering females in wrestling and tickle fights would soon have a real outlet when he first ambled into the leather bar in Fayetteville, NC 25 years ago. After fending off a few passes from bears who smelled fresh meat when he walked in the door, he struck up conversation with the sub boy that would soon (with his Daddy) become his mentor and teacher. Three years of bottoming and learning provided a base on which he has built a life of teaching, training and mentoring.


CruelTease has been talking dirty to thousands of people in a professional capacity as a phone sex operator since 2009. For four years, she owned and operated a profitable voice and cam sex business through the virtual world of Second Life, where she trained and supervised a staff of 20. She is currently a top earning performer on NiteFlirt. She has presented on the arts of aural sex, role play and pervertables within the local kink community since joining the scene in 2011, and feels deeply honored to share her passion for authentic sexual expression with her kinky peers.

Emily Prior

Emily is the Executive Director for the Center for Positive Sexuality. Since 1996 she has been teaching formal and informal classes about a variety of sexuality-related topics including BDSM lifestyle, polyamory lifestyle, gender, and other human sexuality topics. Her most recent publication, “Is bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism recreational leisure? A descriptive exploratory investigation” in Journal of Sexual Medicine is a landmark study showing BDSM as leisure and not pathology.


GiaBelle has been active in the lifestyle going on ten years. In that time, she has walked most aspects of the lifestyle, learning valuable lessons and solidifying her identity as exactly what she’s always been—a dominant switch who enjoys challenging those in her charge, raising awareness within the community, teaching those with a willing spirit and honing her BDSM skills to precision instruments. Amongst the skills she has taught classes or done demos on are: all things “whippy”, crops, canes, paddles, bare hands, electrical play, being a switch, CBT, fire, rope and Florentine flogging, to name a few.


♕♕♕ International Little Miss Little 2014 ♕♕♕
♡♡ SF Little Miss Little Fan Favorite 2012 ♡♡


Krystal is a leather puppygirl and little who entered the Bay Area leather scene in late 2013 as a pledge to Alameda County Leather Corps. Krystal went on to become Ms. Alameda County Leather 2015, is a member of Mama’s family, and in an open D/g relationship. She has attended and volunteered at many regional and national events and conferences and is always happy to help out.


As the Founder of Retrofrolic, Lascivious thoroughly enjoys facilitating the exploration of all things sensual for everyone in the community. Building kinky furniture, providing a playful environment, and witnessing others’ pleasure is his purpose. The use of all things electric, introducing individuals to urethral play and promoting safe, sane and responsible play are his specialties.

Lucy Wilde

Lucy Wilde is a queer sadomasochistic switch active in the Central Coast and Los Angeles BDSM scenes. She has been a board member of Central Coast Kink since 2014 and organizes several monthly socials in the Santa Barbara and Ventura areas. Her greatest passion in BDSM is facilitating self-discovery through education, skill sharing, and good music.


Luna Bear, has been very active in the Leather/BDSM communities first in the Midwest, then Mid-Atlantic, and now the Bay area of CA. She can usually be seen presenting and/or volunteering for different events and organizations, and is a proud member of Alameda County Leather Corps, honored to be in Mama’s family, and a past title holder.


MJ has been a member of the BDSM community for 15+ years. Her focus is on needle and blood play, as well as non-traditional roles in the BDSM Community. As a Lifestyle Dominant, she hosts DommeNation, a Female-Identifying Dominant event on the 4th Friday of every month at Threshold Society. She is the Co-Event Coordinator, Co-Outreach Chairperson, and helps Perverted Podcast organize a quarterly Kinky TED talks. She also owns the LA Cigar Ladies group who meet bi-annually.

Ms Nikki Nefarious

Ms Nikki Nefarious, Head Master of SM Academy, is an award winning bondage artist, BDSM instructor, lifestyle & professional dominatrix, performer, and fetishist for all seasons. Her kink-positive classes are hands-on and informative. You may have seen her bondage work in Rihanna’s music video “S&M” or Zalman King’s final film “Pleasure or Pain” in which she played the role of herself. The creator of the Bondage Certification Program and SM Academy, Ms Nikki Nefarious is the only professional fetish artist with personal artifacts in the archives of the Hard Rock Café. She is currently on the faculty at various kink-positive venues, including Stockroom University, The Pleasure Chest, and Kink.com’s Kink University. She also is available for public and private BDSM classes in Los Angeles. To learn more, or to schedule a Private Class or a Domination session, visit MsNikkiNefarious.com or email MsNikkiNefarious at gmail.


I am a nerdy princess hence the name, I love all things Star Wars and Star Trek, Dr. Who, and all things Joss Whedon (can’t stop the signal). I have loved getting to indulge my long dormant kinky side the last few years. I don’t top usually it’s not as fun for me as bottoming is, I am a budding masochist learning more everyday about how pain and pleasure are intertwined for me. I also love to learn about almost anything kink or non kink related (please refer to the name again… Big ole nerd here)


Sean is a veteran of the war in Iraq, having served with the Marines as a Corpsman. Sean has has spent the last 8 years seeking to better himself personally due to his traumatic experiences, through orthodox and unorthodox means, from emerging therapy techniques, to BDSM practices. He has been in the local kink community for the last two years, actively participating, where able, and in the medical field for the last 15 years.


“I traded a picket fence for a collar. That is how the one who owns me summarized my journey from an ended, vanilla marriage to becoming his property. Starting as submissive and bottom, new to real life D/s and BDSM, I met the man who owns me at my 2nd munch and have never doubted my position as his slave and property. I have spent the last almost 5 years learning and growing in service to my owner, family and community. That is a lifetime project. I love sharing and talking with other /s types…there is so much to be learned by the interchange of ideas.


Teagan is a Bootblack based out of Oakland, CA. She shined her first pair of shoes under her father’s watchful eye as a child before church. However, it has only been more recently that she has honed her craft and incorporated her technical skills into her leather practice. She began taking care of the leathers of her close friends and lovers in 2013, and decided to undertake more formal training in early 2015 under International Mr Bootblack 2014 Scout. She started bootblacking in public later in 2015 at local venues and events in the bay area including International Ms Leather, Leather HEAT, The SF Eagle, The Armory, Up Your Alley, and the Folsom Street Fair. In 2016 she had the honor of being appointed the title of SoCal Bootblack. She can most often be found working the stand on the patio at her home bar, the SF Eagle.

Tim Woodman

Tim Woodman has been a Lifestyle and Professional Villain for over 20 years. He makes his living in BDSM/Fetish Adult Entertainment. In addition to running his own site http://www.ProVillain.com he has also performed for a variety of adult companies including Severe Society, Bedroom Bondage, DungeonCorps, Bondage Orgasms, Anton Productions and others. Tim also teaches classes on a variety of BDSM/Roleplay and other Fetish related topics.


Unger Ogre identifies as an Ogre. He is a Kinky Clown, and the Co- Dungeon Monitor Chairperson for Threshold Society, as well as DMing at several other events in and around the LA area. Unger is a kinky craftster, with over 20 years in the BDSM lifestyle. He is often the quiet guy you see moving something, or talking over his cigar. He specializes in fire play, and eating, as well as wax and if you ask him, he might even show you Mr. Bunny.

** Kinky Hollow Schedule and Education is subject to change.

Thanks for the Kink…and the Dirt.

Originally published by Ruby Ryder at Fetlife in October 2015:

Historically, I have avoided kinky camp outs. Why? There is just something decidedly unsexy about heat, sweat and dirt. I’ve watched CCK’s campouts come and go, watched people return all sparkly eyed and smiling wide, and still replied, “No, I don’t do kink and camping,” whenever asked if I was attending the next event.

Don’t get me wrong, I camp. In fact I hardcore camp – I backpack. I was in the High Sierras with 3 amazing women for 3 days just last month. I am no stranger to dirt, discomfort and roughing it. But when it comes to kink, give me those 800 thread count sheets, those soft beds that are forgiving for knees, hands and elbows and a shower to clean off with before and after playing.

Well, that changed this weekend.

I was initially lured to attend by a hot guy with a beautiful ass who wanted to reconnect with me, and his partner graciously offered to allow us some time together at the campout.

Then my amazing friend, @Missy2You, went above and beyond and offered to let me sleep in her trailer, as well as bringing and setting up a tent for me for private play, complete with sleeping pads.

I couldn’t resist. So I went to Kinky Hollow.

The funny part is that it was everything I thought it would be and much more.

It was definitely hot, sweaty and dirty. During the day, yes, I felt decidedly unsexy and not very…motivated. I was at different points pretty damn uncomfortable, longing for a normal bathroom to wash the dirt off and dreaming what it would be like to be home instead, with normal food, a comfortable bed and a pool to jump into.

The ‘much more’?

Ahhh. There is indeed so much.

The dungeon was fucking phenomenal. I don’t care if it came with a good measure of playa dust, the sheer logistics of setting all that up is remarkable and provided people with so many options for play. I am astounded at the work that @DaddyRabbit, @AlexandraVonHase and @Lascivi0us put into these events. We are so fucking lucky as a community to have them and all of the other people behind the scenes that make events like this weekend happen.

I enjoyed the magic kitchen area (thank you, Retrofrolic!) with free coffee – a veritable elixir for my mornings. I got to use a solar shower courtesy of @Kiniko, after which I enjoyed a short time of less dirty! I relished the coolness of the evenings and the winds that kicked up every once in a while.

Then there was the community.

I participated in the unconference, deftly organized and explained by @LkyLady. I taught some peeps about pegging. I wandered over to a poly discussion and had my mind opened a bit more about a relationship style I aspire to. I spent some time at the pumpkin patch and heard some awesomely twisted cruel people talk with passion about some awesomely twisted, cruel things.

I enjoyed rich conversations with my women friends and enjoyed it even more when my men friends wandered over and joined in. I heard people talk about self-discoveries. I heard people share who were brand new to the lifestyle, full of wonder to have found their tribe and a little scared. I remembered when I was experiencing that, and it touched my heart. I watched acts of kindness, acceptance and togetherness as a community happen all weekend. Again, it touched my heart.

As if all that weren’t enough, I have so much gratitude for the two lovely and gracious women who allowed me to play with their guys, two men with gorgeous asses (big grin). I got my fill of delivering impact play (at least for a few days). And…I used that private tent. Heh heh. Even got treated to a private fashion show. 😉

After all that, I still prefer a clean bed with the 800 thread count sheets, the convenient showers, food, and coolness. Without a doubt.

But damn you kinky, dirty people, you have fucking won me over. I want to be a part of it all. I get so filled up with good stuff (interpret that any way you like) after a weekend with all of you that I’m fucking hooked, now.

Thanks for the kinky, dirty weekend. You all rock!

Ruby Ryder is a podcaster, sex educator, blogger and writer of erotic fiction at PeggingParadise.com. She spends her time spreading the word about the singular joys of pegging and doing her part to encourage a more sex-positive society. Ruby believes that shame is the silent saboteur of sexual satisfaction.


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