Thanks for the Kink…and the Dirt.

Originally published by Ruby Ryder at Fetlife in October 2015:

Historically, I have avoided kinky camp outs. Why? There is just something decidedly unsexy about heat, sweat and dirt. I’ve watched CCK’s campouts come and go, watched people return all sparkly eyed and smiling wide, and still replied, “No, I don’t do kink and camping,” whenever asked if I was attending the next event.

Don’t get me wrong, I camp. In fact I hardcore camp – I backpack. I was in the High Sierras with 3 amazing women for 3 days just last month. I am no stranger to dirt, discomfort and roughing it. But when it comes to kink, give me those 800 thread count sheets, those soft beds that are forgiving for knees, hands and elbows and a shower to clean off with before and after playing.

Well, that changed this weekend.

I was initially lured to attend by a hot guy with a beautiful ass who wanted to reconnect with me, and his partner graciously offered to allow us some time together at the campout.

Then my amazing friend, @Missy2You, went above and beyond and offered to let me sleep in her trailer, as well as bringing and setting up a tent for me for private play, complete with sleeping pads.

I couldn’t resist. So I went to Kinky Hollow.

The funny part is that it was everything I thought it would be and much more.

It was definitely hot, sweaty and dirty. During the day, yes, I felt decidedly unsexy and not very…motivated. I was at different points pretty damn uncomfortable, longing for a normal bathroom to wash the dirt off and dreaming what it would be like to be home instead, with normal food, a comfortable bed and a pool to jump into.

The ‘much more’?

Ahhh. There is indeed so much.

The dungeon was fucking phenomenal. I don’t care if it came with a good measure of playa dust, the sheer logistics of setting all that up is remarkable and provided people with so many options for play. I am astounded at the work that @DaddyRabbit, @AlexandraVonHase and @Lascivi0us put into these events. We are so fucking lucky as a community to have them and all of the other people behind the scenes that make events like this weekend happen.

I enjoyed the magic kitchen area (thank you, Retrofrolic!) with free coffee – a veritable elixir for my mornings. I got to use a solar shower courtesy of @Kiniko, after which I enjoyed a short time of less dirty! I relished the coolness of the evenings and the winds that kicked up every once in a while.

Then there was the community.

I participated in the unconference, deftly organized and explained by @LkyLady. I taught some peeps about pegging. I wandered over to a poly discussion and had my mind opened a bit more about a relationship style I aspire to. I spent some time at the pumpkin patch and heard some awesomely twisted cruel people talk with passion about some awesomely twisted, cruel things.

I enjoyed rich conversations with my women friends and enjoyed it even more when my men friends wandered over and joined in. I heard people talk about self-discoveries. I heard people share who were brand new to the lifestyle, full of wonder to have found their tribe and a little scared. I remembered when I was experiencing that, and it touched my heart. I watched acts of kindness, acceptance and togetherness as a community happen all weekend. Again, it touched my heart.

As if all that weren’t enough, I have so much gratitude for the two lovely and gracious women who allowed me to play with their guys, two men with gorgeous asses (big grin). I got my fill of delivering impact play (at least for a few days). And…I used that private tent. Heh heh. Even got treated to a private fashion show. 😉

After all that, I still prefer a clean bed with the 800 thread count sheets, the convenient showers, food, and coolness. Without a doubt.

But damn you kinky, dirty people, you have fucking won me over. I want to be a part of it all. I get so filled up with good stuff (interpret that any way you like) after a weekend with all of you that I’m fucking hooked, now.

Thanks for the kinky, dirty weekend. You all rock!

Ruby Ryder is a podcaster, sex educator, blogger and writer of erotic fiction at She spends her time spreading the word about the singular joys of pegging and doing her part to encourage a more sex-positive society. Ruby believes that shame is the silent saboteur of sexual satisfaction.

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